Jazz Funk Radio Show Presenter DJ Cuckoo

My station isn't from Memphis but...
It's got a half a teacup of Soul,
A pound of fatback Funk,
Four tablespoons of boiling Disco,

This is going to sound all right

Just a little pinch of CTI
Give me a half a pint of Jazz Funk.

That's it, that's it right there, now enjoy.

DJ_Cuckoo (the first) of FunkyTown, United Kingdom

Funky Jazz/Soul 101 station presenter

Being a big fan and collector of Jazz, Jazz Funk, Soul and Disco and specialist music from labels such as CTI and also interested in rare and familiar grooves from the prime of the 60's and 70's in particular I decided to get into my own online jazz funk radio station.

Initially starting my search for stations with funky jazzy music, I visited Live365 for it's variety and sheer volume.
Still on my quest to play that funky music (white boy) I never quite found what is the now Funky Jazz/Soul 101 so I go there instead.

You may think that setting up a radio station that plays Jazz, Funk, Soul, Disco and CTI is covering a lot but when you think of artists such as Deodato (arguably) starting the genre that is Fusion, Booker T & The MG's timeless R&B sound, finger clickin' soulful sounds of Stevie Wonder and the Motown crowd, the smooooooth man himself Isaac Hayes and the Stax vaults, the early days of band lineups from George Benson, Bob james, Steve Gadd and the vast talents of CTI, authentic and modern blues and the short but sweet time of disco then is it any surprise I go so widespread.

I hope you like my sound, you are always welcome to e-mail me with your thoughts and compliments.

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