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Online Jazz Funk radio stations like this one have relatively low overheads involved to produce the sound but most of them are also run by individuals who have limited funds.

The important thing to realise is that with just a small donation (even £5 or $10) can vastly improve the station.

It can increase variety, quality/professionalism, better jingles and much more, so why not donate today.

Live365 V.I.P. Membership

If you sign up for V.I.P. membership then please help out the station (and possibly reduce your yearly payment) by signing up through one of the V.I.P. adverts.

Purchasing CD Albums

If you hear a song on the station and think "Man, I want the album with this song on it". Then check out the Playlists page and purchase it from
Amazon are affordable and have bucket loads of variety and as a bonus for Funky Jazz/Soul 101 a small percentage of the purchase(s) gets sent to me to buy essentials such as more music, new equipment, general bills and of course Zero Commercial Adverts.

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Where the Money is Spent

Ad Free Radio With enough donations there could be the potential for Ad Free Radio on this Website!

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